Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mourning After

Game 2 of Mavs vs Hornets is in the books.

Chris Paul looks like the MVP. Avery Johnson doesn't look like he can coach. Dirk and Bass seemed like the only two Mavericks who cared they were getting thumped. And the Mavs defense got worse from Nelly's run and gun team.

So, why did they get rid of Diop, Powell, Daniels, Mbenga and Harris? Take a long look at that list. What does every person on that list have in common. Each player brings youth, quickness, speed and energy to their team. Now take a look at the current roster, Kidd, Terry, Stackhouse, Jo. Howard, Nowitzki, Dampier, Jones, Bass, George, Ju. Howard, Lue, Magloire, Wright & Barea. Besides, J Ho, Bass and Wright. This is what the team is missing, youth and energy.

Does everyone have to be old and slow in order to get on the floor Avery? I'm guessing it was you who escorted Diop, Powell, Daniels, Mbenga and Harris to the door.

Regardless, going 2-10 in the last 12 playoff games is proof enough for me. It's time to break this team apart and start over. Starting with Avery Johnson.

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