Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs Hornets (Game 5 Postgame - Series Analysis - Season Analysis)

The Hornets close out the Mavericks like the experienced team Dallas is supposed to be. Chris Paul, David West, Tyson Chandler and Jannero Pargo were magnificent. And the better team won. No doubt about it.

In the fourth, Dallas made a furious push as they desperately searched for a way back into the game and series. They were absolutely magnificent as they scored on 9 straight possessions. The Hornets matched it. As Dallas could not stop New Orleans. Whether it was West, Paul or Pargo, shot after clutch shot, the Hornets would not be denied their first ever 7 game series win. Within three points, Devean George plays Paul perfectly forcing him into a tough shot and Chandler comes up with the offensive rebound to put Dallas away for good.

This series, this season ended in February. Devean George tried to save it, but Avery would not be denied.  Insisting Kidd was the missing link, he trades Dallas' fastest player and our best defensive center on the team. The problem with the trade, which I adamantly objected, is losing Devin. My thoughts at the time were that Kidd would not be able to defend the point guards in the West. Facing Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Rafer Alston and obviously Chris Paul was not something I felt Kidd could handle. Also, the loss of Diop was almost as bad. He's our best shot blocker, hands down. A faster, more athletic big man to face David West, Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, Pau Gasol and hopefully Kevin Garnett.

But it wasn't just that move, it's been a long series of decisions by Donnie to continually gain "experience". Losing players like Marquis Daniels, Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga was a series of mistakes in my opinion. Young energetic players that help you on the board and defensively.

Instead of being our savior, acquiring Kidd might be the move to push Dallas toward the rebuilding period. 

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