Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs New Orleans (Game 2 Preview)

So, we're down 1-0. What can we do to change our fortunes in Game 2? I've listened to people like Jon Barry saying we've played our best basketball and we have no shot at winning this series now. I would like to make a few suggestions on offense and defense that I think will help us out.

First, Offense-
For those of you who know me, I've reluctantly joined the masses calling for a coaching change. And I've done so with great enthusiasm. One of the main reasons is the overuse of the isolation and screen plays that Avery employs. I'm under the opinion that our roster has enough talent to carry this team to 50+ wins just by their talent alone. Which leads to the unfortunate conclusion that the only thing to recommend is to run more and to drive to the basket more.

You hear Avery, after every loss, telling us that we didn't go toward the hole enough or we didn't run enough during that particular game. The offense he wants to run, ISN'T a drive to the hole offense. His isolation plays and screen and pops (not even rolls) are run for a jump shot. At least with Kidd running point, because every one guarding Kidd drops down toward the paint. Harris was far more vital to the success of this team than even i realized.

Next, his substitutions. Everyone knows that Juwan Howard, Devean George and Eddie Jones don't have anything left in the tank!! Donnie actually got this team decent role players in Malik Allen and Antoine Wright. Two players that give this team exactly what it needs. Rebounding and slashing.

So, there are things you can change to make our offense more efficient, but it's not going to be done.

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