Friday, April 25, 2008

2008 NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs Hornets (Game 3 Postgame)

32 Points, 19 Rebounds, 6 Assists and 2 Blocks. Wow. Dirk played like an MVP tonight. He played well in all facets of the game. Playing Chandler very well and ultimately allowing only one alley-oop dunk. Although some of that was due to 2 early fouls on Chandler. 

With that said, I loved what they did on defense. Putting Terry on Paul and running under screens was a very good move. Terry played his best game on defense as a Maverick. And thank you so much for not continually trapping and pressing a natural born passer. Why Avery felt trapping a passer was a good move is beyond me? They shot 37.9% from the field. And Paul was 4-18 from the field. 

I'm a little concerned with the Hornets hanging tough despite Paul, West and Stojakovic struggling. I doubt Pargo's going to score 30 every night. Although he would be the one Hornet I would leave given the choice. 

Overall, I was impressed. Everyone came out with high intensity and they actually looked like the Mavs. J. Ho is still a little off. Hopefully, he'll start rolling soon.

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