Sunday, April 27, 2008

2008 NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs Hornets (Game 4 Postgame)

Let the rebuilding begin. The Hornets showed up and Byron Scott outcoached Avery Johnson again. The halftime adjustment, an in-game adjustment, caused havoc on the defense of the Mavericks and Avery never made a proper adjustment. Byron decided to take advantage of the West vs Dampier matchup and run his offense through West instead of Paul. It paid it's dividends immediately. 

West went on to carry the Hornets to a double digit lead going into the fourth quarter. Why, if one player is continually beating you, does Avery continue with the same defensive plan until his team is down by double digits? Why not try a 2-3 zone and force West to hit a 20 foot shot instead of a 7-12 footer? 

Another problem I have is the fact that Avery continually called Stackhouse's number at the beginning of the fourth quarter. I believe he tried Stack out three or four straight possessions. This put the Mavericks down 15-16 pts at the end of that experiment. What exactly has Stackhouse done to inspire such confidence from his coach? In the second quarter, Avery decided to try out Barea in a series defining fourth game. Barea promptly causes a shot clock violation. And the Hornets erased it's deficit in short order and takes the lead before Avery decides that strategy might not be working. 

Did you know that Josh Howard could have been traded for Pau Gasol? How is that mistake looking right now? Wasn't Kidd supposed to help close games? Diop on West? Diop on Chandler? Nope, we had to settle for Howard and Kidd in Dallas.  4-22, combined. Thanks for showing up to the game guys. 

What I don't understand at this point? How do teams lose to the Mavericks? All you have to do is make an in game adjustment and your team will take the lead before Avery even tries to adjust. And the adjustment he makes most likely isn't the right move. 

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