Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dallas Loses In Double OT

What did you expect? The rivalry continues. It has the familiar faces, Terry, Duncan, Finley, Dirk, Dinobli and Parker. This season's additions promises to make it even more exciting. Jose Juan Barea might be the answer to that all important question from this team. Who's going to attack the basket? And ironically, it comes from the most vertically challenged member of the Mavericks. JJ seems to be able to consistently get to the hoop as he continues to play out of his mind.

I'm going to make an outlandish statement. And my friend already shoved this to the side. JJ Barea reminds me of Steve Nash. Obviously Steve Nash is a much more polished point guard but they both have similar games. They both can get to the hole, seemingly at will, distribute the ball, shoot the three at a successful rate and can frustrate defenses as a whole. With Jason Kidd teaching him the finer points of being a point, he could develop into a mini Nash. Ok, feel free to laugh now. I still stand by it.

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