Monday, December 1, 2008

The BS System

The BCS needs to change. There are too many teams with legitimate grips every year. This year, it's my beloved Longhorns. Usually, it's the SEC that preys on itself and eliminates each other. This year, the Big 12 falls victim and unfortunately, they're all from the Big 12 South. Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Texas all deserve to be in the Big 12 Championship game and in BCS bowls. However, at least one of those three will be out of the BCS.

I think people have been getting it wrong. Everyone is trying to make the BCS as fair to everyone as possible. Weighing in from the AP, Coaches and the computers. Computing averages and strength of schedules. Making sure every major conference is well represented. Making sure the "little" schools have a shot. Since when did sports become so political. Only the BCS could leak objectivity and doubt into an event that should leave no doubt. Only the BCS can make the easiest way to determine a champion into a formula. Coaches pleading and pushing their team into spotlights so that they can gain points in a poll.

Who the hell put these people in charge? Why is college football the only sport on earth with computer averages? There's gotta be money in a traditional playoff system. I'm sure the NFL isn't suffering from lost revenue due to a playoff system. Note to sponsors, just because my team is playing in the Fiesta Bowl doesn't mean I'll go buy some chips from you. You've heard it before, this rant. Pleading for a playoff system. I'm not the first or the last to grip about it. But people keep watching. So there's no reason for them to change. So, we'll continue following the figure skating model of determining a champion.

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