Monday, December 8, 2008

Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Tony Romo looked awful while the defense looked absolutely spectacular. I refuse to blame this loss on the defense. Yes, they looked a little futile on the game tying drive from the Steelers, but the unit was on the field for the entire fourth quarter, or at least that's what it felt like. I will put this loss squarely on the arm of Tony Romo. I don't care what route Witten was supposed to run on Romo's last two interceptions. Romo wasn't sharp all game. Wind or not, this was the worst game I've seen him play.

The defense played it's best game to date. Adam Jones was spectacular. Ware was dominant. Bradie James made a serious bid for a Pro Bowl appearance. Jay Ratliff IS the best 3-4 nose tackle. The goal line stand to temporarily preserve a 10 point lead should have sealed the game for the Cowboys. That is, if the Cowboys offense could have mustered any type of drive in the last 8 minutes of the fourth. Anything, even driving to the Steelers 40 and punting would have sealed it. The way the defense was playing, it would have held 10 points.

What this loss does is put a lot of pressure on the Cowboys as they are competing with eight other teams for the last four spots. The only positive thing about this loss was the play of the defense, Tashard Choice and the fact that they were an AFC team. I feel like Dallas has to pull off two of the three remaining games to have a decent chance at a playoff berth. No easy task with the Giants, Ravens and the Eagles on tap. Personally, I think we got ousted from the playoffs when Romo went down against Arizona.

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