Monday, December 29, 2008

Cowboys No Show

So, another NFL season ended without any damage done by the Cowboys in the playoffs. Once again, they're sent away whimpering into the night. Without a fight. Something is fundamentally wrong with this team. It's not talent, I think it's known throughout the NFL that the Cowboys might have the most talent on their squad. So, it's either playcalling or coaching or both.

I'm calling out Jason Garrett. I don't understand some of his decisions throughout the game. Passing more than running on third and short. He seems to outthink every situation in his young career. Sometimes, go with the obvious call. It's ok. We have almost two tons of flesh leading the way, with a lot of talent. You should be able to gain a yard every once in a while by running the ball. The inability to free up Terrell or Roy Williams is troubling. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, even Kansas City seem to be able to get it to their top wideout 6-7 times every game. And if Dwayne Bowe is getting his balls from Tyler Thigpen, Tony Romo should be having a field day with Roy AND TO out there.

Jason Garrett has to go. Or at least demoted. Which he probably won't take sitting down? So, he has to go.

Wade Phillips is a wonderful defensive coach. The things he's been able to accomplish with the defense in the past month has been amazing. However, we're not even in the post season this year. So, that means two things. Wade can't be our head coach and Brian Stewart can't be our defensive coordinator. Jerry says that Wade is staying, I just hope he gets put on defense only. I would like Bill Cowher to be the head coach.

What's missing from this team other than coaching? Not much, I look around and I don't see a lot of weaknesses. The only spots I have questions at are safety, wide receiver and maybe offensive line. In the Philadelphia game yesterday and in the New York Giant game, it seemed like Romo was running for his life the whole game. That's becoming a trend. it might be time to look into three spots along that line. Flozell, Columbo and whoever's at the left guard spot. They seem to get beaten off the line of the scrimmage on a regular basis. Safety, might be filled with the return of Pat Watkins. I thought Watkins took some positive steps this year before falling to injury. And wide receiver. I think the addition of Roy means the subtraction of TO, but I still think we need a speed WR.

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