Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rick Carlisle: The New Kid In Town

So, the Mavericks wasted little time in replacing Avery Johnson and have hired former Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons head coach Rick Carlisle.

During his introduction press conference, Carlisle emphasized the need to turn Dallas' offense into a run and gun offense. Repeatedly emphasizing that the players will go through an extensive training camp and will need to be prepared for the amount of running that they'll be doing. He did say that there still needs to be an emphasis on the defensive side of the ball.

I have concerns about employing the run and gun offense. I think there are inherent lapses on defense because of the all go method employed by Phoenix and Nellie. Dallas couldn't get anywhere with Nellie, Phoenix couldn't win with D'antoni and Golden State couldn't get anywhere with that offense. So, what makes Dallas any different? Especially with the lack of athletes on this squad.

We have been assured that the roster will undergo some changes. With the amount of players set to become free agents, that seems assured. They have also assured that Howard will remain a big part of the team. Whether or not this is posturing remains to be seen? Armed with only the mid level exception, it'll be interesting what player(s) will be moved, if any.

If Carlisle is serious about running and gunning, the following moves have to be made:

- Trade Dampier for Anything
- Trade Stackhouse for Anything
- Resign Antoine Wright
- Release everyone else on the upcoming free agent list
- Reaquire DeSagana Diop

These are things Dallas should do:

- Sign Matt Barnes
- Sign Mickael Pietrus
- Sign Beno Udrih
- Trade Josh Howard For Shawn Marion or Dorell Wright

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Anonymous said...

I think the run and gun could be right and is the only move with jason kidd as a part of this roster. You just have to know when to go and when to back off which is what you leave to kidd. The Spurs run and gun with parker and ginobli once in a while so why not something more along those lines. As for the moves with players and coaches, moving them is easier said than done. Stackhouse is movable to a contender that wants a little scoring pop and exp. but nobody wants to trade anything for damp, just will not happen. I love the howard deal but if you were miami, would you do that deal? The best thing this team could have done has already been done and that is moving Avery Johnson out the door making room for almost anyone. I think this team is easily still a contender with one or two good moves, it was the attitude and mood of the clubhouse that needed changing.