Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cowboys Sign Barber & Newman Through 2014

Terence Newman signs a six year extension worth more than $50 million dollars. The new contract puts him in the same range as Asante Samuel and Marcus Trufant salary wise. As the lone stud in the secondary, this is a wise move and T New deserves the contract. 

I would like to see more interceptions or turnovers in general from Newman. But overall,  he's one of the best corners in the league. He should receive some much needed reinforcements with the additions of Pacman and Mike Jenkins. So, he should receive more opportunities to see the ball thrown his way. 

Marion Barber is a much happier running back as he receives a seven year, $45 million contract with $16 million dollars guaranteed. He is a fan favorite and I love the way he punishes defenders who try to tackle him. But not for a part-time back. With the addition of Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, Barber will not be a full time back. 

Given that, the fact that he hasn't proven that he could even handle a full load of carries with his aggressive running style plus his average pass blocking skills. I believe that this is a mistake. Not a Roy Williams mistake but a mistake nonetheless. Not because I don't believe he's a good back. I think he's a wonderful running back but $45 million dollars for a player that's not on the field every down.

If you're not convinced that he was overpaid, consider this. Only LaDainian Tomlinson is guaranteed more money. Is Barber the second best back in the league?

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