Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 NHL Playoffs: Stars vs Red Wings (Post Series)

So much for a lack of poise or confidence. The Red Wings jumped all over the Stars in the first period by scoring three goals in a series ending twenty minutes. The series ended the way it began. With the Red Wings being the best team on the ice and spending, virtually, the entire game in Dallas' zone.

Not there's anything wrong with losing to the Red Wings. They have been the best team in hockey this year. They proved it by getting to the Stanley Cup Finals in a dream matchup with the Penguins. Whether or not the series would have been closer if Dallas could have finished off San Jose in four games is mute. I still believe that Detroit would have won the series. Probably in the same number of games.

Regardless, the Dallas Stars went far beyond anyone's realistic expectations this year. Mired in an inability to win a first round series, reaching the Western Conference Finals is a remarkable achievement. The foundation that was built this year looks promising with Joel Lundqvist, Loui Eriksson, Matt Niskanen, Mark Fistric and Nicklas Grossman attaining invaluable experience in a deep playoff run.

Mike Babcock said that playing in playoff games was like a growth hormone for his young players. Hopefully, his words will ring true for our squad.

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