Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 NHL Playoffs: Stars vs Sharks (Game 4 Postgame)

I don't understand the back to back games in the playoffs and you could tell it was affecting the players last night. It had the feel of a game that had gone to overtime. And the Sharks had the fresher legs last night.

After a turnover by the Sharks and a point blank goal by Jere Lehtinen, It felt like the Stars would walk through this game and close out the series. Especially after withstanding the flurry of opportunities in the first period by the Sharks. Marty Turco looked brilliant last night.

But, Zubov made another unforced error which looked eerily similar to the Game 3 error that led to goals by Patrick Marleau. This time the Stars had no answer. The Sharks came out for the third period with a non stop onslaught on Turco and the Stars finally succumbed to a beautiful pass across the crease to Michalek to put the Sharks up for good. The Stars had some opportunities but could not cash in on any of them as they looked a tad off cue all night.

So, the Sharks are on the board and the series now shifts to San Jose for Game 5. It might be fitting that the Stars have to finish this series at their home away from home. Let's hope that trend continues.

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Anonymous said...

What...where is the blog on the great 4 OT victory last night???