Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pacman Watch

Adam "Pacman" Jones still can't get on the field for the Cowboys or participate in organized team activities. Unlike Tank Johnson, the commissioner hasn't granted Jones permission to join the Cowboys' activities prior to the lifting of the suspension. Goodell has insisted that he will review Pacman's case before the onset of training camp. 

One thing going for him. Tank Johnson has taken Jones under his wing. As a fellow member of the ousted, Tank can provide a unique view on how to get under the good graces of the commissioner. Having taken the necessary steps, Tank is returning the favor that Nate Newton, Michael Irvin and others paid to him. Giving Pacman support. 

Whether or not Pacman has actually turned a corner and realizes that playing in the NFL is a privilege is a question no one can answer. Perhaps not even by Adam Jones. But I don't think what Adam has done mandates a suspension longer than a year. Wouldn't cheating at the game deserve a much bigger punishment? Instead of focusing on personal lives, I would like to see Commissioner Goodell take a stance like that on the Patriots. Perhaps a first round draft pick for each tape made? 

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you are seriously slacking in keeping me up to date with the off season activities!