Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Denver Broncos Interview Jason Garrett

Personally, I'd like to see Garrett go. He hasn't developed as an offensive coordinator like I thought he would. He doesn't make proper adjustments within a game and between games quite honestly. If Denver does end up hiring Garrett, it does change what Jerry Jones was planning on doing. He'll lose his offensive coordinator and expedite the hiring of Mike Shanahan.

Of course, this will push Wade out of the door, since it's been reported Wade Phillips will not coexist with Shanahan. Which means a new defensive coordinator would be most likely the next step. Since we're heavily invested in the 3-4 defense, the list of candidates is short. This list includes:

Mike Nolan - recently fired as head coach of the 49ers but has extensive experience as a 3-4 coach.
Pepper Johnson - Linebacker Coach, NE Patriots - has spent 9 years under Bill Belicheck and his 3-4 defense
Romeo Crennel - recently fired as head coach of the Browns but spent some time with Bill Belicheck's defense and succeeded.

Those three would be my choices. Well, that's a little lie. I would love to steal away Dick LeBeau from the Steelers but that would mean he would be the head coach under current NFL rules. And I don't want him as my head coach.

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