Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cowboys Cut Pacman Jones

So, Jerry Jones lets one of his experiments go. On the surface, it seems like it's the right move with the proper motives. Pacman is charged with hiring someone to kill another person. Well, there he goes again. But. The charge is from 2007!! Why is this coming up now? Did Jerry need a good reason to let Pacman go?

From a football prospective, I hate it. I want the much talked about move of Henry to safety. He's simply too slow as a corner. As a safety, he can return to a high level of play. Shifting Henry over and losing Pacman means the Cowboys have Newman, Scandrick and Jenkins left at corner. If and when Newman goes down, you only have Scandrick and Jenkins at corner. Granted I loved what Scandrick did last year, but is he really ready to cover some of the more elite wide receivers out there. Do you trust Scandrick or Jenkins to cover Randy Moss?

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