Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fantasy Football: Put Him In Or Yank Him

These will always exclude your obvious every week starters like Tom Brady, LT, Peyton Manning, etc.

Put Him In:
Michael Turner vs DET, It's Detroit's defense and Michael Turner is the featured back with Matt Ryan starting in his first NFL game. They will run early and often.

Thomas Jones vs MIA, Bill Parcells and Co lost Jason Taylor AND Zach Thomas. Who's going to stop Brett's boys in this game?

Kurt Warner vs SF, Gotta give it to the grocery boy. He can throw the ball and was a top ten fantasy QB last year when he started. With Boldin and Fitzgerald, you can't do too much wrong. Although he does fumble when touched.

Yank Him:
Ryan Grant vs MIN, First time starter at QB, Jared Allen, Minnesota's defense. Not looking good. He did rip off a huge game last year against this defense. But he had Favre at QB and Minnesota did not have Jared Allen.

Chicago Bears vs IND, Don't start anyone from Chicago, the Colts offense and defense are way too talented for this squad. Forte and Orton won't help in this contest.

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