Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles, Week Two

So, Tony Romo had his big game jitters going again. It resulted in a interception and a botched handoff that resulted in 14 points for the Eagles. The final score ended up being 41-37. This game was a drag out, pull no punches brawl. It seemed like whoever had the ball last would win it. Anyway, the analysis.

Defense, C: They accounted for only 23 points but the game brought about many issues that we seem to be dealing with every season lately. I'm not going to blame this on the secondary since McNabb seemed to escape every possible pressure situation until their last series. But, something is wrong with this defense. For as much as we're touted for talent, it doesn't seem like we can consistently pressure the QB like the Giants do, WITHOUT Strahan and Umenyiora. I'll give some credit to McNabb but we need to see the QB go down a couple more times on crucial drives.

Offense, A: Without the two miscues, this was another finely tuned offensive game. There's really nothing else to talk about. Witten was amazing, Owens did his job, Barber was a beast and we even saw a little bit of Miles Austin. Even with the miscues, they played an amazing game. They did score 41 points.

Special Teams, A+: Felix Jones had his first career return for a touchdown. Folk nailed a couple of key FG's to keep the game close.

Injuries of Note: Jason Witten separated his shoulder but returned and is expected to play against Green Bay. Roy Williams is out for four weeks due to a fractured forearm. Isn't Roy being injured really a victory for the Cowboys as well.

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