Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 Cowboys Season Preview

It's the beginning of Tony Romo's second full season. The artist formerly known as Pacman was reinstated by the league. No one cares that Terry Glenn isn't on the team. We just resigned our special teams gunner Keith Davis. DeMarcus Ware will be a nightmare for offenses to handle. Marion Barber and Felix Jones look like a fearsome tandem in the backfield. The season is full of promises and the Super Bowl is in sight.

So what could possibly be a concern for a Cowboys fan? Wide receivers and defensive backs. Although, at this point, no one seems to worry about the loss of Terry Glenn, including me, it's a concern. For the first couple of games, we might be seeing TO, Crayton, Stanback and Pacman at WR. I don't know about you, but I'm down on Patrick Crayton. He's had serious problems or lack of focus in the past two playoff games. Dropped balls at key points in the game or drive. This is supposed to be our second best WR. Miles Austin, who I am incredibly high on, hasn't been healthy for consecutive months since Woodstock. Sam Hurd is a nice option. But the fact is the only wideout we can trust game in and game out is Terrell Owens. And he has his own issues with hanging on to passes.

Defensive backs. Roy can change his number all he wants. If I was a defensive coordinator, my whole game plan revolves around isolating him one on one and burning him deep. With anyone. The Cowboys staff has been disappointed with the progress or lack thereof by Mike Jenkins. Pat Watkins hasn't grabbed that SS spot despite the eyesore that Roy is. No one knows if Pacman Jones will be able to hold his wad for the whole season. And like it or not, Terence Newman is having some trouble staying on the field lately.

I know it sounds like I'm nitpicking, but in order for us to succeed in the playoffs, these issues have to be addressed or answered by playoff time. Especially since the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl.

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