Monday, September 29, 2008

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins, Week Four

Ok, I know officiating is part of the game and the Cowboys didn't exactly look very good yesterday but the missed calls were atrocious. The face mask on Adam Jones, the pass inteference no call on Terrell Owens, the false start by the Redskins and the 12 men on the field call to change a 50 yd field goal into a 30 yard field goal and taking an extra 2+ minutes off the clock. It felt like a screw job. Just saying. Those were all really horrible calls. Adam almost got his neck broken, the false start by the Redskins was a full second before the snap of the ball and the 12 men Troy and Joe couldn't find looking at two different replays.

The 12 men on the field call. I don't know if that's reviewable, but Aikman said it was reviewable and Wade Phillips had the red flag out. If it was reviewable, Wade Phillips made a huge mistake not throwing the flag. I know the arguments against reviewing. We only had two timeouts at that point. If we burn one with a bad challenge, we only have one timeout left to stop the clock. Either way, if the Redskins hit a field goal, it was going to come down to an onside kick anyway. Wouldn't you rather take the chance and make the Redskins hit a 50 yard field goal. If they miss, it's only one possession with 5 minutes to go. Timeouts become mute at that point.

Despite all that, the defense didn't do it's job yesterday. The secondary looked terrible as Santana Moss, once again, tore it apart. The defense did step it up and stopped them on some key possessions and the 12 men on the field call didn't help matters. But, overall, we couldn't stop Clinton Portis or Santa and it hurt us a lot.

The offense didn't exactly shine either. Marion Barber only got 8 carries and Felix Jones didn't get a carry at all. One thing that bothers me about Garrett is that he gets too impatient sometimes. Why did he shut down the run and become so one-dimensional? I realize it's only his second year as a coordinator so there's some learning curve to be had. But, we need to utilize every weapon we have and Barber/Jones is a major asset to the offense.

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