Monday, August 11, 2008

Michael Phelps' Quest For Eight Remains Intact

In possibly the best race I've ever seen, the USA beat out the Alain Bernard-led French team in the 4X100 Free Relay race last night. Before the race, Bernard boasted that his French team would smash the Americans. Does Phelps really need to be antagonized? It seems as though every time Phelps is in the pool, something amazing happens. Last night was no exception. Five teams finished ahead of the old world record. Two of those teams didn't even get on the podium.

But, it wasn't Phelps who was the savior last night. That belonged to former scape goat Jason Lezak. Not only did he erase the .60 lead the French had going into the last leg. Lezak chased down the world record holder in the 100 meter Free by posting the fastest leg in the event, ever.

If you didn't watch last night, make sure you catch a replay or find it on the internet somewhere. It was spectacular.

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