Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre Goes To The New York Jets

In a relatively untouched subject, Brett Favre has left the Green Bay Packers. Obviously kidding about the untouched part. But, the drama involving what will happen between the Packers and Favre has ended. No details about the trade were released yet. But I'm sure the Jets caved to the Packers and sent a round one draft pick.

Green Bay, despite the legendary status of Favre, went in the right direction. You can't continue to rely on Brett when he is obviously wavering year to year on whether or not he wants to play. Let alone where he wants to play. In addition, you have your future waiting in the wings. There's no possible way you can rent out the year to Favre while making sure your future walks out the door via free agency.

In the end, I think this trade will prove more beneficial to the Packers. Jets, even with Brett, are still light years away from the Chargers, Colts and the Patriots. Hell, they're not even close to the Jaguars right now. It's going to be strange seeing Favre in a Jets uniform. At least there's some green in it.

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