Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Start "Em or Sit 'Em

Start Em:

Ryan Grant, RB vs Seattle Seahawks, He's looking like last year's back again and against Seattle EVERYONE is looking spectacular.

JaMarcus Russell, QB vs New Orleans Saints, Gus Frerotte put up 222 yards against this defense. I'm thinking Russell has some success as well.

Any Jet or Bengal, This game might turn into last year's Bengals vs Browns game. Brett Favre and Carson Palmer vs suspect defenses. The ability and the will to score a LOT of points.

Sit 'Em:

Michael Turner, RB vs Chicago Bears, I know you can't and I probably won't either but he's been very average against the better defenses. If you have a back with a better ceiling, I would consider sitting Turner for this week.

Joseph Addai, RB vs Baltimore Ravens, Addai seems to be picking up his game lately but he and Manning don't look like last year's version....yet. But it won't be this week. Against a very good Baltimore squad.

DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart, RB vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, It'll be a tough game for the running backs from Carolina. One will get the yards and the other one will get in the end zone, but i don't think you're looking for 6 points from either one of them.

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