Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cowboys Season In Jeopardy

If Romo doesn't play in the next three weeks, Dallas' season might be over. Consider the next three opponents, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and the New York Giants. The Giants game is a loss. The Tampa game is at home so it helps but I see us losing that game as well. The only game that I have the Cowboys favored in is the St. Louis game. That puts us at 5-4 record at the bye week.

In the NFC, I have NY Giants winning the East and the Arizona Cardinals winning the West. That leaves Washington (4-2), Philadelphia (3-3), Green Bay (3-3), Chicago (3-3), Minnesota (3-3), Tampa Bay (4-2), Carolina (4-2), Atlanta (4-2) and New Orleans (3-3) fighting Dallas for the other four playoff slots. And we can only get a wild card.

Other reasons I don't think we'll make the playoffs. We can't rely on the defense. Terence Newman, remember, is also out for a month. Our defense, as highly touted as they are, has allowed 8 more points than the Saints' defense. I have serious doubts on whether or not our defense can carry us to wins. Brad Johnson? Everyone says he's capable, but the fact remains that he's about a 75 rating QB. We're struggling to beat opponents with a 100+ rating QB. Add to that, Felix Jones is out a month. Our most dangerous weapon besides TO.

Oh, and by the way, Mat McBriar is out for 8-9 weeks and Sam Hurd is out 6-8 weeks. At the beginning of the season, people were talking about missing the playoffs at 11-5 given the strong NFC East. We might have four of those five losses at the bye week. And then Romo has to win seven games in a row to put us at 12-4.

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