Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trade Offer For Ron Artest

The Dallas Mavericks have made a trade offer for Ron Artest. Unconfirmed rumors are saying that Brandon Bass and Jerry Stackhouse have been offered for Ron Artest.

Sacramento Kings want to unload both Ron Artest and Kenny Thomas. Kenny Thomas is for salary purposes. The Dallas Mavericks would be giving up on their best low post option right now. He's a bruiser down low and takes it strong back up to the hole. No other Maverick does that right now. I definitely do not want to lose Bass. I would offer up Josh Howard instead.

Artest is a better defender, rebounder and low post player than Howard. It's just whether or not he is mentally there with the team or not. I think they should trade Howard for Artest. As currently constructed, they're not going to win the championship anyway. And at this point, it's all about winning that championship.

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