Monday, July 28, 2008

Mavericks Summer League

The summer league is finished. A few names impressed, some expected and some were a surprise. Gerald Green was our best summer league player and has raised a few eyebrows. Maybe he has figured some things out? But he wasn't the only one with a strong summer.

Reyshawn Terry and Shan Foster are expected to be in camp, but that was expected considering the expectations that this team had when they were drafted.

Charles Rhodes leads the "out of nowhere" camp. A 6-8, 248 lb. rookie power forward who averaged nearly 10 pts and 5 rebounds a game while shooting over 60 percent. However, Brandon Bass has been the anointed backup for Dirk so making the Mavericks squad would probably require Brandon or Dirk to be traded off the squad. I don't see either of those scenarios happening. Especially with the Ron Artest trade at a standoff.

The other notable was James Singleton. A spare off of the Clipper squad played solidly in the Vegas league but wasn't played often in Utah.

Overall, it was a good summer or promising summer as our squad might be a little more athletic next year.

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