Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 NBA Draft

Well, I haven't been overly excited about the NBA Draft because the Dallas Mavericks don't have a first round pick. Yet again. But I decided to blog about the question on who should be the No. 1 pick.

Derrick Rose. No doubt. Especially the way penetration is paramount in the NBA. The way games are officiated. If you get into the paint, you're usually rewarded with a layup, free throws or a wide open shot. Everything you wish for on every possession in basketball. I don't even think Beasley has the most talent. Did they watch Rose during the Final Four tournament? The guy has every chance of being THE best point guard in the league for a very long time. Think of a taller, stronger Chris Paul.

Now, Michael Beasley has all of the physical tools to become a franchise forward in the league but watching him play brings back memories of Derrick Coleman. Almost to a tee. All the potential in the world but missing that one element to make his team win. Don't get me wrong. He'll put up numbers for you, but his team will lose.

Well, there's my quick blog about the draft. Here's hoping the Mavericks pull off a miracle trade and pair up Nowitzki with Derrick Rose.

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